Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cold Sore Edition

If you're weird about lip-herpes, now's the time to bail, people.

I've always had cold sores. (thanks mom and dad!) There's a really great family photo of me in second grade with a big scabby monster cold sore eating half of my face, so this goes way back.

Usually they're brought on by i-just-totalled-my-car, i'm-working-two-jobs, need-to-find-college-housing-and-a-new-car-in-a-week style stress. This year, however, has been riddled with them. (about one a month, for this entire year. This is my third in a week. A week! I've got two growing on my bottom lip as we speak.) Do I need to lay off the dairy or something?

So. I feel that tale-tell itchy hot spot on my lip, and start popping lysine pills. Then I start dousing it with product. In the past I've used the aveeno stuff (inconvenient tip, making for not enough or wayy to much to apply), lysine goo, (works well, tastes awful, cheap), bag balm (for cows!), and the co bigelow minty fever blister/cold sore goo which I loved and lost my tube and now cannot find anywhere, including their site. At home when no one can see me, I apply a paste of alum and water to dry it out.

This time I'm desperate to kill them dead once and for all. Any suggestions, folks out there?

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  1. ABREVA!!! i have at least 2 tubes of the stuff so 1 is with me at all times (i also use it multiple times a day not the 1-2 times recommended by the packaging). also, i'm prone to them when stressed as well (and oh yeah, i'm a grad student....might be a bit stressed!) so i use cherry carmex as my go to daily lip balm (it's supposed to help with cold sores, it might be mental but i haven't had one in a very loooong time).