Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 60's Winter Coat. Blanket?

I just cut out and sewed the shoulders for the lining in my drapey poncho-eseqe plaid wool coat. People, this thing is going to be nuts. I wanted something kinda snuggly, not like a quilting cotton, not like traditional slippery lining, and there was a couple yards of a royal blue knit at the thrift store, so I grabbed it and it turns out there was enough to do the lining. So. Total spent on the project that is going to be the most eye-boggling winter coat I've ever owned...$6 dollars. And that is why I shop at thrift stores compulsively.

Now I'm considering how I want to close it. Toggles? Buttons? I'm kinda loving the idea of a military-esque tab with traditional blazer buttons on top, and although I adore the one pictured, I think it might be too maroon and too busy on top of the already crazy plaid coat blanket. So. As it happens, the biggest expenditure for this project will probably be the closures, which is awesome.

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