Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Self-inflicted Misery

Made the mistake of purchasing these conair hot sticks tonight. You see, my hair is in that short, akward growing out stage where you can't stick it in a ponytail, but it's just shaggily sitting on your neck, sneaking into your collars, tormenting you. Added to that is my stick straight, flat as boards texture, and you'll partially understand my longing to have swingy, bouncy curly hair, at least sometimes.

I'm actually pretty good with rollers, having been plastered in them for church hair in my childhood, and having grown up into a serious retro bent. Curls are a necessary retro standby, and faster to set it and let it cool while you do your makeup than wind strands around a curling iron.

But these. These! I'm practically blinded by frustration. They're made with a loop at one end for you to tuck the opposite side into so you don't need a separate clip to keep them in place, which sounds reasonable in theory. In practice, you're trying to wrap strands of hair around a hot as hell tube of slippery plastic which isn't tight enough to actually keep your hair on the thing in the first place. It was a comedy of errors in front of my mirror while I experimented; as I was wrapping one section, two others would have quietly unwound from my hair and fallen down without so much as a warning.

So. The colors are cute, the stand pretty sleek, and it's made for the cord to wrap neatly around the base, so if this got left out on your counter it's not completely embarrassing. The parts I did get to curl look great, but they were a fight. Even pulling the ends as close together to make as tight a loop as possible, I had couldn't keep my hair wrapped around them. Perhaps someone with longer hair that's not at all layered would have better luck? That said, this is about the right amount of rollers to do my tiny amount of hair. I can't imagine someone with more hair being able to get their entire head covered with this little set. I'm not one to return things, but I've tried my best with these and think they're going back asap.

In other news, the granny square count is at 23, and now regret is setting in. To make a proper afghan, I need about 75, 000,000 more to make it worthwhile, and I hate unfinished projects. I feel like I'm now settling in for the long haul.


  1. I started knitting a rug. I think it's like maybe two feet wide and I've doubled up the yarn and am knitting on size 15 needles. But still. It's going to take a small lifetime to knit it as long as I want it.

    Why hot rollers, kid? Ew.

  2. I had those exact rollers as a girl and loved them. But I had it super long, boring & no layers at all. I can see how someone with shorter layered hair would never get them to work. so sorry :(

  3. kim and i had those too...i've had the blisters to prove it!