Wednesday, June 2, 2010

French Macaroons

Last night after a spree of vegetarian pizza, our group wandered into a pastry shop where I tried, for the very first time, the french macaroon.

Now, I have had coconut macaroons before, chewy and moist and delicious, but these things are a completely different animal. Light as air, chewy with a faint crust on the outside, soft buttery filling sandwhiched between. So of course now I'm obsessed.

The problem is, that pastry shop is an hour and half away. There is no place in my personal little backwoods to procure them, now I have a taste for them. What to do, what to do? Recipes I'm reading online have a reasonably daunting array of steps: separating egg whites, processing almonds into flour, letting them set, the perfect amount of folding to ensure the proper texture....My enthusiasm for eating an entire batch may be tempered by my terror of egg whites.

We'll see...Has anyone out there tried making these before?

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  1. i made some before, just once, but they came out delicious, but not perfectly round. I just dipped them in the stuff that was supposed to be filling and they were really tasty. I had some real ones from a bakery since then and they tasted the same just looked way better!