Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Sewing

I've thumbed through Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing before at bookstores, but the problem I find in craft (sewing/crochet, whatever) books is that they're usually frumpy and not at all modern. This one is really cute, but I worried that it would only have one or two patterns I'd want to try so I recently checked this out from the library and fell in love with it.

The idea is simple sewing projects that you can do in a few hours and has the patterns for you in the book. The photos are fun, the projects varied and adorable (baby stuff, bags, dresses) and they all seem really approachable. I haven't had a chance to tackle anything yet (keep telling myself to finish old projects before starting anything new!) but its tempting eye candy is providing motivation to work my way through abandoned projects so I can get to something new and fun. Going onto the old wish list.

(note: Seems reviews on amazon are mixed, but I'm a reasonably accomplished seamstress and I have a bad habit of just winging projects anyways-I have a definite tendency to not follow exact directions/photos/patterns . I like books like this for general guidelines and inspiration, ha.)

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