Monday, April 19, 2010

Wanted this from anthropologie yesterday. Then I decided that $68 was too much for what I consider a questionable item of clothing. But how cute would this be with red lipstick, a striped navy belt, and red peep toe pumps, right?

I'm going through a thing with rompers. Sunsuits? Playsuits? Whatever. I think they're quirky and cute, and you can ride your bike or hula hoop in them, and it's like sassy shorts had a love child with a summer dress, and you ended up with the best of both worlds. (disclosure: I bought a cheap floral one, and then I wore it out of the house all delightedly with tights and t strap heels and a cardigan. It was super comfortable and summery and fun.)

I'm a little embarrassed about my love for them, because really? The onesie? The childhood playtime staple turned trendy and hipsterish for the older set? Who wakes up and goes, you know what I want- shorts and top all in one? Me, apparently. Whoops.

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