Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red Patent Mary Janes

The most adorable red patent shoes walked into work the other day. They were classic round toe mary janes, except with the sassy detail of additional straps up the ankle, like gladiator sandals, and this pair was worn over ankle socks.

Needless to say, I was smitten. The mother of the five year old whose feet were in question confirmed that they were indeed for sale locally, but alas, only available in children's sizes. Heartbroken, I turn to the internet and am sadly disappointed. This pair from urban, though not at all close, would be a cute but lackluster replacement. Nothing is quite right, sigh. Turns out if you're an adult, you're stuck with boring shoes. Or if you're an adult, you should have grown out of your whimsical footwear phase. Something.

(aside: It's possible I'd be just as satisfied purchasing the adorable, perfect, unfortunately child-sized pair if any of my child-bearing relations or friends wanted to produce me a girl baby to obsess over and clothe the first fifteen years of its life. Just saying.)


  1. If we ever have a girl, (and Tiff wants to), between you and everyone else that wants to buy baby girl clothes, we'd have enough that she could only wear every outfit once.

  2. So cute. For the longest time I only wore red shoes! I still have one pair of red patent leather flats that I wear all the time.