Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Thrift Find Ever

Say hello to my new vintage find, a $5 kitchen cart we picked up at the thrift store the other day. I'm still so giddy, I nearly can't stand it. (don't judge the clutter, friends. We're still simplifying.)

It solves a problematic corner for us, dead space beside our cabinets in our tiny kitchen with perilously little counter space. (do you see the packed dish drainer in the backround? It takes up all the available counter in the entire kitchen. No, for reals.)

So we need that 2 feet of space for storage, but the problem with putting shelves there is that it blocks the major outlet so having a cart that we can roll a couple inches to shuffle plugs around is handy. Plus it's old! and metal! and bright yellow! and $5! and it fit perfectly in the space alloted, like it was serendipitously meant to be! Don't you love finding the perfect thing?


  1. Oh. Wow. That is so fricking amazing. That is probably the greatest find of the century. I am both estatically happy for you, and murderously jealous. It's sososo pretty!!

  2. Whoo hoo! That looks fabulous. Look how pretty the yellow is with your green Kitchenaid! And I can't believe the price! You guys done good.

  3. that is a great cart! Love the color!!$5 is a greeeeat price!

  4. I love that cart. Good for you finding it. Your cousin Katie would LOVE that I think!