Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Things I Made

Some recent headgear from my workbench. I never make things to keep for me, but these I may.

The feathered one, I just got the pieces at a craft store and glued together prettymuch instantly. I wore it to work today, and felt fancy.

The purple earwarmer, like these, (but I'm totally unsatisfied with my crocheted one, because knitting is clearly the superior art form)

To make your own crocheted version: I just chained on three, single crocheted a row, and then did an increase on a following double crochet row. So it'd be single crochet, next row double crochet but increase in the center, next row single crochet. Do this until the very most center part of your headband, (I tested on my actual head to determine) then start decreasing a stitch on your double crochet row coming back down the other side. At the back, I crocheted a loop on one end and stitched a button to the opposite one.


  1. These are great, good job!

    Le chic, following your blog:-)

  2. Ooo love them! Especially the feathered one.

  3. I love them both! And you look great in them!