Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Debate: Real or Fake Head

I'm debating investing in a mannequin head to photograph my work for the etsy shop. The pros outweigh the con, which is this: I think mannequins are usually creepy, and they're clearly fake. So the pro and con list looks like this-

*it's retardedly hard to self photograph your own head with your point and shoot digital camera
*possible hygiene concerns of buyers (note: a long running debate in the etsy crowd about earrings, clothing, and hair items. My side votes that at least on etsy, there's one seller touching your item, where in a store it could be anyone. That said, I know that in my shop and many others, the item in the photo is usually replicated on an order by order basis. But I digress.)

Cons: *they're creepy and fake

But the creepy fakeness gets to me. Plus there's some really amazing photos of wedding hair accessories on models, which far outstrip the so-so but consistent ones on mannequins. However, I have neither the time, talent or on hand photographer to replicate this, so a mannequin would make my life so much easier.

Weigh in and tell me what ya'll think.
Photos from the least creepy heads I've found on ebay.


  1. Indeed very creepy. I'm torn. I think I prefer real heads.

  2. USE ME!! I'm so pretty and have such shiny hair.

    Just kidding.

    But if you needed me, I'd help.

  3. I like real models, but I can see where the mannequin would be a lot easier (although it looks like you also need at least one wig for the mannequin head).