Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweatery Mukluk

It's only as I've reached old age in the last year or so that I've become obsessed with slippers. It's cold here, and there's only so many times I want to sustain midnight beatings from my husband for putting my icy frozen toes on his warm, furnace like calves*. So.

These are currently $19.50 from Old Navy, and who are we kidding? They'll go down in price, guaranteed.

(*you know I'm kidding right? Not about the cold toes, because those are real, but about the spousal abuse? I married the biggest squishiest dude ever. There's your disclaimer.)

Also, I've seen the soles before in craft stores for you to make your own and I tried convincing the sister that recently became an obsessive knitter to take it on, in mustard, avacado green, and some pink, pom poms and all. She had none of it, so we're sourcing other options. Whatever, blood relations.


  1. Go ahead and find me a pattern. Then we can talk.

  2. Maybe Shauna's going to surprise you for Christmas :-)