Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Plight of the Twentysomething

I would like to be old, already. Settled down. Own my own home instead of paying rent to an absentee landlord. Mow my own lawn instead of resenting the two sets of washer/dryers sitting on my parking strip. (Four big appliances, just sitting there. The fuh?) Plant a garden. Have people over without upsetting the parking pecking order with the other rentees. Air dry my sheets in the backyard so they're crisp and scented with summertime when I bring them in. Have a steady job instead of a new one every six or eight months. Make enough money from one paycheck (instead of 3 or 5 part time ones) to pay all my bills. Keep money in savings because I don't actually desperately need that money to survive. Spray paint thrift store chairs for a spare bedroom. Keep potted herbs in my kitchen window. Have time to cook and a husband that comes home at regular hours to eat with me. I crave normalacy and certainty and steadiness. That's all.


  1. You know, looking back, I wish we'd enjoyed those days more. There are a lot of simple pleasures and triumphs in the struggle, so look for those!