Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Hate Winter

Yesterday was the first snow of the season. Thanks, Utah. You can see the face of me hating it, but I wish that these photos truly conveyed the horror of snow screaming out of the sky in icy fury. Four inches, people.

*I'd like to note that seconds after I took this cranky self portrait with numb fingers and toes, I passed a kid wearing sunglasses and a t-shirt with an unbuttoned dress shirt over it. I wanted to go up to that kid and tell him that it most definitely wasn't sunglasses weather, and that he was stupid. I must be getting old. Wear a jacket already, young whippersnapper.


  1. It is always so so much worse on campus. Canyon wind, man.

  2. Brr. I think I'll just continue to visit, and then return to the land of temperate clime.