Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grey Boots

I've been looking all over for a pair of cool but chic grey boots and with winter starting to rear its angry head, I'm thinking about making the investment pretty soon. The problem is that I'm a picky piece of work, and nothing I find is 'quite right.'

The caveats:

I live in Utah, and it's snowy and sucky here about 9 months out of the year. They have to be waterproof.

Boots with heels, are you kidding me? Clearly the people that design these things are living in delightfully temperate LA. Heavy tread and not slippery a must.

No Uggs. Ever.

Also cheap. Ish. I'm a student, yo. However, I know I'll get tons of use out of them, and they'll be an investment so they don't have to be totally cheap, but still reasonable.

No over the knee. I don't know when "hooker" became a trend, but the over the knee boot thing this year is killing me. I'm looking for knee boot or shorter. Possibly bootie.

Similarily, the sweater boot thing is killing me. Besides wearing around a rib knit sponge on your feet, what is the point? Again, something clearly not designed to be used in areas that actually require practical footwear, but for regions that need to trick themselves into some sort of seasonality. (LA, I'm looking at you again)

Pictured is a pair in the running for a sa-weet $19.99 (plus shipping) at GoJane.


  1. I'm so picky when it comes to boots as well!! Check out my blog for something special :)

  2. Those are lovely boots! And can't complain about the price too. I totally sympathize with being a picky shopper - I want a pair of brown riding-inspired boots without a heel that won't break my budget - no luck yet!

  3. Have you tried Hunter Wellies? They are adorable and perfect for winter weather! xo, Crystal