Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bento That Started it ALL

I was wandering around Bake it Pretty, and i stumbled across something unexpected: the silly black and white skully bento box. I figured it'd be perfect for a conveniently tiered lunch for my husband, but it was out of stock. And that's where the obsession began, friends. Google is sometimes a frenemy.

Anyway, the one I'd decided on for me is currently out of stock on another site, so this is the box I purchased for my personal usage, yay! I'll update when it arrives and I pack it full of homeade goodness.

P.s.- Have you been to Bake it Pretty? Mr. Cupcake and I (it's his nickname, after all!) are obsessed with cupcakes and all their accoutrements, and I want basically everything on their site: tall skinny colored candles, polka dot cupcake liners, vintage cupcake tree picks.....There's too much eye candy over there to believe, let alone cram into my bento post, so maybe another day. But if you haven't been over there, check it out if you take cupcakes or cute parties seriously.

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