Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yummy Yarn

I was the craftiest kid in my family until this summer when, out of the blue, my sister picked up knitting with a vengeance. Now I get regular picture message updates full of dainty, lacy, incredibly beautiful and mind bogglingly complex hand knit scarves.

Today, when she sent me a a photo of a particularly fine orange specimen, I wistfully told her that color would look delish with my red wool winter coat, and she told me to buy my own yarn and she'd make me one. She turned me onto knitpicks, and said that the yarn she was using was only $2 a skein.

You'd expect $2 from a chintzy acrylic, but my sister is a fiberphile, and so I took a look at their website. And promptly fell in love with more than one luscious colored, wooly blended yarn, plenty in a more-than-reasonable- price range, including this wool of the andes which seems to be accountable for every color under the sun, and the most expensiv is $2.19 for 50 grams. For reals.

On the list of things I definately don't need more of is yarn, so that's about the point where I walked away from the 100% peruvian hiland wool, but not before noticing that they had kits and tools, and organized their yarn by weight, and fiber content. This is going to haunt me for a while, I can feel it.


  1. I love wool of the andes, I use it fairly regularly in my work!

  2. Knit picks is awesome, and addicting. It's one of those sites where you can go on justifying just one more because its ONLY 2 bucks right?

    Then you hit $40 bucks. Owch. But it is nice stuff, I have a few sweaters made from the Telemark and Palette and they are holding up quite nicely.