Thursday, September 17, 2009

Typewriter, fixed.

Remember the typewriter I got a while back for $5 from the thrift store? I'd been having anxiety that it wasn't going to be running in time to be used as a guest book for my sister's reception, so I made time this weekend to get it taken care of.

It needed a new ribbon, so I texted my friend to ask where to get one, and without knowing the particular machine, he sent me to an office supply store to track down a typing machine ribbon, since you can get those the same size apparently, and wind them back onto the old spools.

So I go to Staples, and ask, and they're all "do you need a typewriter ribbon? because we sell those" And then I had a giggle fit. Because, really? Staples is still selling typewriter ribbons, of all the anachronistic things to carry. The guy helping me mentioned that they had just last week sold a brand new typewriter to someone, and that started me off all again imagining that transaction. "I don't need me none of those newfangled computer machines, I just need me a typewriter" So. Universal typewriter ribbon in tow, I headed out to my typewriter friend to install it, oil the thing up, and get it tip top shape, and there you have it.

This photo was the instructions he handily cranked out on my machine detailing all of the functions that I didn't know about on my typewriter. Do you see how perfect it is? It's a niche, but I think "typewriter guru" is a perfectly legitimate thing to put on one's resume.


  1. I feel really old when I think that we used to take typing classes on the old typewriters! I am only 34. How times have changed! LOL!

    Great blog btw!