Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Etsy Purchase

*the following is not an advertisement, just, you know, info*

I just purchased myself this wee flower nose stud for my piercing this weekend and I'm so excited to get it that I had a dream about it last night. (an anxiety dream, that it would be giant and too ridiculous for my face, but still...It's in the subconscious.)

It's sterling silver, handmade, and a total steal at $6.00 dollars, with free shipping. I've seriously never seen anything like it, so I'm really hoping that it isn't oversized for my nose crease and that it lives up to be all that I can hope for in a tiny floral nose piercing. Hopefully when it gets here in the next couple days I'll remember to post you a pic. Whee.

From novadesigns

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