Monday, August 24, 2009

Halloween Party

Cruising my local Michael's today, I stumbled innocently across all the new Martha Stewart Halloween goodies and fell in love with, well, everything.

Halloween, it should be known, is my favorite holiday. This is no surprise to anyone that knew me as a kid, when I'd start sketching out elaborate plans for costumes in July, and later planned a professional life as a theatrical costumer. I like the dark gothiness to it, the old pagan history, and what could be wrong, I ask you, about a holiday where you dress up for one day as something you're not, and eat candy?

Anyway, a frantic text conversation with my husband later while lusting over lengths of plastic chain and bunches of black glittery roses, and it was decided that we should totally throw a Halloween party this year. (We've been saying this for years. This is the year, people.)

I loved the photo of this table setup of a real party from Hostess with the Mostess appropriately called "gothic glam" because my halloween taste falls pretty squarely in that category. I'd like to break the black up here a little more, with shots of acid green and deep plummy purple. Perhaps silver candlesticks (which I constantly come across while thrifting, or even cool brass ones that could be painted, and never have an excuse to buy) with black candles, a bright green runner on the table, perhaps a bin of steamy dry ice chilling those insanely brightly colored purple and green Jones sodas with creepy labels.... Anyway, it's early yet so I have time to start planning out the details for real. This is the year, people.

Creepy and retro kitsch labels of all kinds (including some awesome old pharmaceuticals) here.

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