Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Confessions of Really White Girl

This site has my number. I'm seventy eight kinds of cliches. Which, instead of horrifying me, I found to be hilarious. Live what you know, people.


  1. I love it so much I bought the book!

  2. Hum. So, let it be forever known, that I have no 'white' friends. You, my darliing neice, are the only person who has loosely mentioned it. And furthermore, I may not even.....shocking gasp here........be 'white' myself! At least according to clander. (his post was a hoot BTW) However, I already own this book….shucks honey, foor years I done red dat book ter ma lill’ chillians. We uns sure nuff luve it. Dey all growd up now, an dey move fa way, an dat book jest sits quiet like on da shelf……an I alays luve dat potter boy in da movies. Even if he be ‘a pour lill ‘white’ boy. ♥ Farewell my "maybe only white friend". May the sun shine rays of warm opalescencet
    splendar upon your face this day! Lewaina