Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sister's Wedding, Cont.

There came a moment while I was home for the holiday yesterday as we sat discussing my sister's September wedding where I was like, "why are you doing yellow and green, again?" I asked this as she was telling me how she wanted to wear red lipstick and a full face birdcage veil with our grandmother's retro wedding dress. I was like, use the same green I used for my wedding, re-use those linens, use chocolate brown as a color, and throw a vintage-themed wedding instead? And you know what, my jedi/older-sister-mind-control worked. She called her fiance on the spot, told him he'd always wanted a brown suit, and the entire course of the wedding was altered.

Now I'm imagining old books from thrift stores with green and brown jackets on the center of the tables, tied with ribbon. A typewriter as a guest book. Swing music playing in the back round, flowers and candles tucked into canning jars. Perhaps a candy buffet with horehound in apocathary jars, and old fashioned striped sticks of cane candy.

I'd even forgo the brown suit in favor of a vest. Or suspenders. Or a fedora.

Portrait, from a practically perfect wedding via Once Wed

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