Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Obsession: Lemon/Lime

There's talk of my baby sister getting married in September, and she's declared her colors to be green and yellow. Now, as an older sister, ex florist and control freak, I'm trying to sway her design decisions my way, and have independently decided that her wedding is now lemon/lime themed. I love the zippy twist of bright yellow flowers coupled with something like this sweet Jcrew strapless dress, possibly wearing yellow patent shoes, or belted with a yellow striped belt. I'm also loving the possibilities of lemon/lime food/decor options; floral centerpieces with slices of fruit, limeade with mint leaves, lemon cream cake, piles of fruit on cake stands with greenery or flowers tucked in.

Lemon aisle picture from Brides
Green Dress from Jcrew
Lemon-Lime inspriation board via SnippetandInk


  1. Does Morgan know you're hijacking her wedding?

  2. Oh yes, your ideas are all lovely! She should move the date to August because these are so wonderfully SUMMER. Let her concentrate on the guy - you can make all the wedding decisions ;-)