Thursday, April 16, 2009


Someone's wedding flowers made it safely* in today, and are now contentedly soaking up water in the frigid cold (for people) of my sewing room. Except for the gardenias, which are in my fridge, making it smell amazing, instead of like food.

*By safely, I mean minus two tiny snafus, one of which was an 8am phone call from my wholesaler explaining why the bride's callas didn't come in this order, and how they will be hand delivered to me via fed ex by 10 am tomorrow. The other was a cranky phone call from me to my wholesaler asking for an explanation of why my cherry branches were neither pink or blooming and generally just twigs. That will be a fun voice mail for them tomorrow. Normally, I wouldn't mention it, but I'm exposing the behind the scenes drama of being in the wedding industry. No matter what, at least one thing will go wrong, sometimes horribly and irreparably, and that is just how it is. So you order your flowers for earlier than you want so you can spend two days harassing your wholesaler into get your blooming branches already.

In other news, there is an entire flock of cranes cluttering up my living room. And that slew of greens in the back with the curly willow? I only ordered a single bunch for leaves for bouts, but I ended up with like, seven, or roughly an entire shrubs worth. So we can go crazy with the greens if we want.


  1. I can't wait to see the magic you'll work with these!!

  2. such lovely photos! your blog is fabulous!