Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cranes, again

I promised you that I would send you the link to the crane photo when I found it, and accidentally stumbled across it again in this amazing post about paper cranes on a totally different bridal website. I'm linking you to the post there, and giving the wedding I'm doing in April a giant *hint* that she wants to do this for her wedding. Trios hung on chairs on the aisle for the wedding, perhaps? Maybe hung on the arbor the ceremony is going to be Origami paper is cheap, can be in any color, and can provide you with massive impact for just the time spent folding a million cranes. *hint*

Link found here, and all the other eye candy and its links. Cheers.


  1. I'm sure it would take "no time at all" to fold a million cranes, LOL. We could all pitch in to help, though, if she wanted to do that.

  2. eep. I'm late to being a proper follower on blogspot. I think these look amazing. And they would be awesome to hang from the chairs and "arbor" (is that what it's called?) under where we'll be making our vows. I know there are pictures of it online if you google "Wight house reception center". Honestly, I just don't want to demand too much of your poor fingers!

    I'm super scared people will be entirely sick of me after this is all over with. I'm trying not to ask too much. :P