Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's 2009

Typically, I am a holiday grinch. I've worked retail for most of my life, folks, and I guarantee that it ruins everything good in a holiday. So imagine my surprise to be pleasantly excited for this one. Not that my husband and I are hardcore celebrators (for us, a good day is one spent sleeping in, eating food, and then camping out in front of the tv with our cats and some junk food, so we're easy to please) but because It's valentines day, and I don't have to arrange a single thing.

Not only that, but I stopped by to chat yesterday with a pair of florists I know and they were grim and ragged. "We worked 14 hours yesterday," and holding up a stack of orders, "this is just the boutonnières. We have twice as many corsages." (corsages take twice as long, horrifyingly) So not only was Valentine's day today, but apparently two , two schools were idiot enough to plan a dance on the same day. (not only does this kill the florists, but I wonder about the restaurants on nights like that....whew.) Gleefully having dodged that bullet, I sidestepped their massive array of arranged roses and pre-made cello bouquets, and went for home.

In other news, I just finished these cupcakes and now we're going to consume them and watch season 1 of Pushing Daisies. Heaven.

*Aside: My husband, who is a decent-sized man and works for a traditional theatre, is known at work as "cupcake." Hilarious, especially since the kind of folks that work backstage at at a theatre are chain smoking, heavy hitting, knife carrying, tatooed dudes. It's sometimes a little incongruous, which I guess is the source of funniness.


  1. I hope you guys had fun! And next year I predict you'll be working slavishly on Valentine's Day (or the day before) ;-)

  2. Yum! That sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day I'd say. Thank goodness for not having retail to ruin it for you.

    I'll take some of those cupcakes, thank you very much.