Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Nemesis

Until yesterday, I could not fold a paper crane. I may be leading the story a little confessing that, but it's true.

This was frustrating to me to no end. I do a lot of crafty type things with my hands, and I even went through an origami phase in my youth. (That's craft geekery, my friends. An origami phase. sheesh)

Upon stumbling across this picture and being instantly inspired by the simplicity and style, I was determined to fold myself a little crane mobile of my own, so I set out to do it.

....It only took me two hours to successfully complete my first one. No, really. I had to go online and watch several youtube videos, backing them up and watching over a certain step, pausing to catch up, cussing the champion folder on the screen who I couldn't keep up with. Now, instead of being embarrassed by what could justifiably be considered a giant waste of time, I am smugly satisfied with a small goal fulfilled. Take that, origami.

photo from here....(lie, can't find where I stole this from, but will update when I find it again, whoops!)


  1. Pretty! I, too, went through an origmai phase -- when a certain Japanese aunt of ours entered the picture. She taught me a lot. Of course, that was when I was like, 7. I did not retain any of those skills.

    I may need to try again at some point. (Especially since Paper Source has amazing origami paper).

  2. oooohhh I want to see your cranes!

  3. good luck with the sounds great!
    heehee...i went through an "origami phase" when i was younger too.